Leather furniture adds beauty to any home. With its soft hand, luxurious look and high durability, it is well worth the expensive price tag. You will want to maintain your leather furniture so that it remains looking well with everyday use. Leather needs protection from stains and damage, but you don’t need to cover your leather furniture with slipcovers and throws.

Your leather furniture should come with a tag explaining how to care for the particular type of leather from which it is made. Look on the label for cleaning and conditioning instructions.

Leather needs to be dusting at least weekly. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove dust from creases and crevices. Remove the cushions and vacuum under them. Microfiber dust cloths work well also, as they attract and hold dust. Be sure attachments and dusting clothes are soft to avoid scratches.

Leather wears out more quickly when exposed to heat. Keep leather furniture away from heat sources such as sunny windows, heat vents, heaters, and fireplaces.

Leather conditioners are available to keep your leather furniture looking supple and bright. Conditioners keep leather from drying out and cracking. Only products designed for use with leather should be purchased. Test a leather conditioner on a small hidden area for 24 hours for its effect on the leather.  Apply a small amount of the conditioner and buff it into the leather. Use any cleaner or conditioner sparingly. Conditioner should be applied every six to twelve months.

If your furniture becomes stained, it is best to work fast at removing the stain. Remove the stain as soon as possible.  Leaving a stain allows it to sink deeper into the leather. Absorb as much of the stain as possible with a dry cloth. Only use water when necessary, and then sparingly. Water and soap can damage leather more than the original stain. Different stains require different methods of removal. A professional cleaning service may be needed to remove stains.

With proper care, your leather furniture will remain beautiful and give you many years of service.

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