Whether trying to clear pests out of your house, garden, or barn, electronic pest control should be considered your first option. It is the most eco-friendly and convenient option available.

There are a couple of options for electronic pest control. Your first choice should be the ultrasonic pest repeller. This device emits a high-frequency sound that humans and pets are unable to hear. The pests hear the noise and find it irritating and move on. The second device is an electronic pest repeller. The electronic pest repeller works by using the wiring in your house to change the electromagnetic field around your home. Once again, the pest is irritated by the change in the environment and moves on.

These two options are the most humane as they do not use poison to drive the pests away. Using poison can result in sick or dead pets as well as having to pick up the bodies of the dead pests. Sometimes this can result in the spreading of disease in and of itself.

Both options are easy to use as they just plug into an outlet in your home. Some are designed to look like air fresheners so that no one will know that you have pest problems in your home.

It’s best to do your research online using sites like Amazon before you buy. That way, you can read the reviews on each product. Some devices work better for certain pests and not for others. If mice are your problem, make sure to find a well-reviewed device that works well for mice. If spiders are your problem, you may need to look into another device.

Be sure to watch your pet for any changes when you first start using these types of products. They should not be able to hear the sounds, but there may be rare instances in which a pet can hear the noise. Changing the electromagnetic field in your home could have a more profound effect on your pet. If you have a problem, take the unit back and try another one.

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