Families are moving to outdoor living to enjoy the cooler evening weather and to expand their home’s usable square footage. Having a fire pit creates a kitchen like gathering place for those that enjoy the approaching fall weather. It also creates enough warmth to make the outdoors enjoyable, as well as livable this time of year.

Baby Boomers especially love the outdoors, and many have decided to invest a chunk of their home’s equity in their outdoor living spaces. With the real estate market changing every day, a decent amount of Boomers have decided that staying and remodeling or making outdoor improvements is less risky than testing the market. Investing in outdoor spaces creates more room for family gatherings and reasons to have the neighbors over. For Boomers that are downsizing, taking advantage of outdoor space can make a smaller home more livable.  

You certainly do not have to be a Baby Boomer to invest in or enjoy your outdoor space. A fire pit becomes a focal point to your outdoor living area, much like a fireplace does in a living room. Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes to fit pretty much any yard and budget. You can start with something simple and burn a few wood bundles, or you can go all out and create a natural gas-powered showpiece. 

Owning a fire pit is like bringing the campground to your backdoor. You can enjoy all of the benefits, with few of the drawbacks. Have the kids or grandchildren over to make smores by the fire, and then safely shut things down at bedtime. Depending on where you live, fire pits can be enjoyed year-round. If you are considering investing in your outdoor living space, you should think about adding a fire pit to complement the space.

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