It appears that Millennials are looking to extend their college lifestyle into their late 20’s and early 30’s. University 2.0. Millennials want to enjoy the same social aspects of living close together, but enjoy the privacy of having their own place. So how do you stage your home specifically for Millennial buyers?

Social spaces are significant to this group of buyers. They love to have visitors and to entertain. If you have a large patio, you should furnish it with a grill and a patio set. If you have a large bar or divider between the living room and kitchen, you can set up a bar area with liquor bottles and martini glasses with all of the trimmings of a local bar. You want young buyers to be able to visualize entertaining people in your space.

Superior technology is essential to Millennial buyers. You want to point out WiFi common areas and the types of connections available to them in your area. High-speed Internet is a must, the faster the connection, the better. 4K Ultra High-Definition televisions are the latest gadget, and they require a large amount of bandwidth, which usually means fiber optic cable is needed. Most Millennials depend on their cell phones in lieu of a home phone. If there is an issue with receiving a particular provider’s signal, usually getting a signal booster can remedy this situation.  

It will help to highlight technology around the apartment. Have an iPad and an iPhone charging on a table right next to an outlet. Rent a 4K Ultra High-Definition television from a staging company and upgrade your cable so that they can see it in action.

Storage is crucial to Millennials as they do not want or possibly cannot afford a car. Millennials want to live in urban environments where they can bike or walk, so they need a place to put their bikes or scooters. If you have a storage area in your building, this is a huge advantage, as they need to have a place to store their bikes.

A few simple touches here and there can help get your house or condo sold faster. 

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