Quilts are works of art that should be on display for your family and friends to enjoy. Don’t hide them away in storage chests when they aren’t keeping you warm and cozy in the winter months. The following are some ideas for showing off your quilt collection.


Quilts aren’t just for use as blankets on your bed. They make beautiful coverings for your bed. Additional coordinating quilts can be folded or rolled and placed at the end of the bed. Patterns are available for quilted runners designed especially for the bottom of the bed.

 Quilt Racks

Hang your quilts over handcrafted wooden quilt racks.  Quilts are hung over one or more rods, fitted into the side pieces of the rack. Quilt racks are available for hanging on the wall or as free-standing units. Some are enclosed in glass to protect delicate antique quilts.

Cabinets and Bookshelves

Smaller quilts or wall hangings can be a striking addition to a shelf. Roll or fold them to emphasize a motif or geometric design. Lawyer’s cases make excellent display cases for quilts. Fold quilts to fit on top of hope chests and armoires.


Ladders, whether designed for the purpose or purchased at an antique store or yard sale, function well as racks for hanging quilts.  Clean the ladder and paint or antique it to suit your décor. Fold the quilt to fit over the rung of the ladder. Secure the ladder to prevent accidents involving children or pets.


Drape a quilt over the back of a rocking chair or recliner, ready for use.  Fold and stack several quilts on the seat of a wooden ladder back chair to add interest to a room.

 Hooks and Hangers

Quilts can be hung from hooks and hangers designed for that purpose. Pegs, coat racks, and large hooks can be used to display quilts. Sleeves can be added to the back of quilts to allow them to be hung from the wall. A wooden rod inserted into the sleeve disperses the weight of the quilt for hanging. It is advisable to weight the bottom of the quilt for even hanging. Keep quilts out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Hang quilts away from heat vents. Heat sets markings on quilts. The position of the folds in quilts needs to be changed often to prevent permanent fold lines.

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