Having a coffee bar allows you to have a cup of your favorite brew any time you please. No more paying for expensive creations in your local coffee shop. If you are a tea lover, set out your collection of teapots, cups, and specialty teas to get you started. In the cold weather or over the Christmas holidays, a hot chocolate station makes sense.

Consider your kitchen layout when setting up your coffee station. You will want it out of the main food preparation area but still convenient for you or your guests to serve themselves. Be sure that there is at least one electrical outlet available. A corner or adjacent countertop, rolling cart, table, or wet bar works well as a beverage station.

There are many varieties of coffee makers, from automatic drip to expensive specialty machines.  Do you prefer espresso, cappuccino, or just a good cup of home-brewed coffee?  Pre-measured pods of flavored coffees are convenient, though more expensive.  For really fresh coffee, grind the beans yourself.

Dish cabinets with open shelves effectively display pots, mugs, creamers, sugar bowls, and other collectibles. Attractive containers of ceramic, metal, wood, or glass can be used for storing tea bags, cocoa packets, and coffee—place spoons in a crystal Spooner from bygone days. You will want to have a supply of your favorite flavors on hand for yourself or drop-in guests. Cinnamon sticks are good with tea or hot cider. Keep leftover peppermint sticks from Christmas to add to tea or cocoa. Dip plastic spoons in the chocolate coating to serve with coffee. Keep a supply of sugar, sugar substitute, and powdered creamers available. Coffee beans need to be stored in an airtight container to retain their freshness. For items you wish to keep out of sight, store in the drawers, baskets, or boxes covered in contact or wallpaper.

Set your spot at the table with a nice cloth, placemat, or mug rug for a relaxing tea or coffee time.

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