Open shelves are in style for the kitchen. Chose all open shelves, a combination of open shelves and closed storage, or just a few open shelves to display collectibles. Some closed storage is usually necessary for hiding unsightly kitchen items. Open shelves allow for easy access to items used every day and they get cleaned daily, preventing a buildup of dust and grease.  The following are some ideas for displaying items on open shelves.

Decide if you want to keep everyday items in easy reach on the shelves, or if you prefer to use them for display. Setting out a grouping of similar items like stacked plates, and bowls or a row of glasses is an easy option. A collection of mixing bowls is attractive.

Even if you keep functional items on the shelves, they can still be attractive. Chose one color such as red or white, and everything will coordinate. Neutral designs with a pop of color here and there works as well. Blue and white dishes are a popular collectible for display. Try Fiesta Ware for a more colorful look. Look for pieces that look good with the room and that you enjoy viewing.

Use large baskets or other attractive containers placed on the open shelves to store items that you don’t want in sight. Be sure to store items together that will be used for a similar purpose.  To bake you only need to remove the baking basket. Remove foods from packaging and store them in clear glass jars or canisters, creating a pleasing effect. Dried beans, peas, and different kinds of pasta provide a variety of colors to brighten a shelf. Clear or colored ceramic baking dishes also look good on open shelving.

If you would like open shelving but don’t have any, you can convert a cabinet to open look shelving.  Remove the doors and the center post. Fill and sand holes. Apply stain or paint.  Painting the back wall of the cabinet a contrasting color makes an attractive backdrop.

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