Do you have a closet or basement full of expensive collectible baskets packed away in their boxes? Unpack those baskets and give them a job to do around the house. If you feel the cloth liners date them, remove them, or make new ones in current fabrics. The following are suggestions for using your baskets in ways other than just decorating.

  1. Line them with a napkin or bandana and use to serve snack foods for indoor or outdoor entertaining.
  2. Children’s coloring books, crayons, markers, and paint sets fit nicely in medium-sized market baskets.
  3. Use large baskets to store potatoes or onions in the pantry.
  4. Smaller baskets can hold gravy packets, boxes of gelatin and pudding, baking supplies, and soft drink mixes, just to name a few items. Keep your recipes in a basket.
  5. Place first aid items in an appropriately sized basket.
  6. Keep a basket close to the door for running errands or collecting library books.
  7. Medium to large vegetable baskets work well for holding a bunch of bananas.
  8. Corral extra school supplies in a basket, where they will be conveniently at hand.
  9. Hampers can be used to store rolls of wrapping paper or inter-facings and stabilizers for the seamstress.
  10. Divided baskets are excellent storage spots for scissors, rotary cutters, and smaller rolls of stabilizers as well as silverware.
  11. Use small baskets for under the sink storage of bathroom products.
  12. A basket with inserts keeps small office supplies organized and handy.
  13. Keep the children’s snacks in a basket on top of the refrigerator.
  14. Baskets can hold medications, herbal remedies, and vitamins.
  15. Use them in the laundry room for dryer softener sheets or other supplies.
  16. Cleaning supplies and light bulbs stay orderly in baskets.
  17. Seasonal items can be kept close, but out of sight in lidded baskets.
  18. Incoming mail can go into a small basket for sorting later.
  19. Keep controllers, CDs, or video games in one place.
  20. Put your current working files in a basket for easy access.
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